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Events, Music  •   January 28, 2021

TJAA Online Presentation:
Musicians for the World
Sunday January 31st, 2021

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Texas Jewish Arts Association hosted a free online presentation featuring Musicians for the World Inc. 

Musicians for the World is a new and innovative organization born out of a wish to have music be a part of children’s lives no matter the circumstances. 

Hear how founders Kelley McGarry and Jesus Saenz are working to better the lives of music students around the world through the teaching of music and donating of instruments. They will explain how their program works, current global partnerships, plans for the future and stories of success. As a special feature, there was also a performance from students who have been aided through this program. 

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  • Introduction
  • Founders discuss their mission and how they work
  • Student Performances
  • Q&A with the founders and attendees

Sarah Price
TJAA Music Division Director
​Violinist and Instructor 
​Fort Worth,

Sarah Price

Donna Harris

January 15, 2021 (Dallas, Texas) Pandemic leads to creation of a non-profit that reaches and teaches talented impoverished children around the globe how to play instrumental music.

After learning about two young musicians, Kelley McGarry, a violinist originally from Long Island, New York and violinist Jesus Saenz, originally from Lima Peru, who partnered in creating a non-profit, Musicians for the World; the Texas Jewish Arts Association will feature the young leaders and a few of their students, at their monthly virtual lecture on January 31, 2021 from 3 – 4:30 PM. The public is invited.

While Musicians for the World is not a Jewish organization, the Texas Jewish Arts Association chose to highlight the organization through TJAA programming because the organization appreciates their commitment to repairing the world, through music. Musicians for the World is committed to empowering vulnerable communities through virtual music education. MFW is currently engaged with students and teachers in Kenya, Haiti, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay and Nigeria. 

The aim of this organization is to guarantee musical opportunity, regardless of a student’s geographic location or socioeconomic standing. Students are offered various programs such as private lessons, group lessons, teacher training programs, and a weekly Masterclass Series led by volunteer world-renowned guest artists and instructors. 

About Kelly McGarry and Jesus Saenz

“Kelly has been playing violin since age five and has been teaching since age sixteen. Starting at a very young age, Kelley was also a ballerina at the Ohman School of Ballet. Each day, she was inspired by Frank Ohman who was a pupil, student and soloist with the world-renowned teacher/choreographer, George Balanchine. Kelley learned at a young age that it was her responsibility to pay forward what she had, and so today she is doing exactly that. 

When Jesus Saenz moved to the states, he attended Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, and University of North Texas. Later on, Jesus traveled to Boston where he attended the Boston Conservatory and met Kelley, a fellow violinist in the same program as him. Here, they realized that they had similar interests and began a life together, later resulting in the creation of their Non-Profit, Musicians for the World. 

Jesus Saenz was born in Lima, Peru and began playing violin at age eleven. Jesus belonged to the first generation of musicians impacted by the El Sistema programs in Peru. Through these programs, he learned how much of an impact music can have in the world in terms of social change. Through these programs he was able to travel around Peru, helping to build this generation of musicians within some of the country’s most remote towns. Like many musicians around the world, Jesus felt the need to study abroad in order to excel as a musician. Jesus’s experience taught him that music can completely change the course of someone’s life for the better, and he has made it his goal to provide others with the same opportunities he was given.” 

About their students being featured

While they serve many students in the countries mentioned, the following students will be featured at the lecture at the TJAA virtual lecture on January 31, 2021 from 3 – 4:30 PM.

“Velvine is a MFW student from Eldoret, Kenya. A few months back, Vel contacted us and told us her story. She fell in love with the bass many years ago, but had very few opportunities to play. The closest available instrument to her was about a six-hour car ride, so she would make this journey about 4 times a year to play. She asked MFW to help her find a bass of her own so that she could achieve her dreams as a musician. During the time it took for us to locate a bass, Vel attended every single one of our classes, proving the dedication and diligence she had even without an instrument handy. First, an amazing couple donated a flight case, music, strings, and two bows to Vel. Their names were Mariya and Kaden Henderson. Shortly after, Gary Upton of Upton Bass contacted us offering a free instrument to Vel. Fellow Co-Founder, Jesus Saenz, and I took a road trip and picked up the bass from their beautiful shop in Connecticut. The next day, the amazing individuals running the Non-Profit Kenya Connect helped to facilitate shipment of the bass. Jesus and I took another road trip to Maryland to finally set Vel’s bass sail. It is currently on a ship to Kenya and is expected to arrive in February.”


“Josué came to us as part of the ensemble Los Violines de San Juan, located in Lima, Peru. Because Josué was not allowed to practice in his home, all of his hard work was done during his limited time in this ensemble’s rehearsal spaces. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Los Violines de San Juan had to put a stop to all rehearsals, meaning that Josué no longer had a place to practice. Because of this, he decided to move out of his home and into his uncle’s house. Living in his uncle’s house means working 10-12 hours per day, making extremely low-price clothing and being paid very little. Josué is extremely talented and dedicated, and besides taking private lessons and our weekly masterclass program, Josué was also selected to perform for University of North Texas’ violin Professor Julia Bushkova’s Masterclass Series. Ms. Bushkova was inspired by Josué’s dedication and has continued to give him private lessons during UNT’s winter break.”


About the Texas Jewish Arts Association

The TJAA was formed in 2013.  It is a volunteer-run non-profit arts organization of visual and performing artists of all genres in the creative community and includes art professionals and art enthusiasts. We are committed to supporting artist members by fostering camaraderie, offering educational and social programming, and bringing our artists’ work to the public through various opportunities and locations around the metroplex. Although we are a Jewish organization, our membership is open to all who wish to join. 

Our Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) is to work to foster collaborative efforts to spark understanding, acceptance and appreciation of all people, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation or national origin. We hope to leave behind a legacy of compassion, understanding, kindness and human decency for all people, to future generations of Jewish artists.

For more information about Musicians for the World, contact Kelly McGarry at For information about other programming through the Texas Jewish Arts Association and registering for this program, contact member artist Donna Harris at 214.864.1380 or

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