Katherine Baronet Collage Workshop

Events, Visual Arts  •   December 17, 2023

The Mix Creative Space
9125 Diceman Dr.
Dallas, T

​Another wonderful event took place in the hands of our teacher collage expert Katherine Baronet.

How I valued the opportunity to liberately watch and ask questions! We participated in developing a single piece. Which exposes multiple points of views, opens a discussion about endless choices all artists must come to resolve.

We have learned time and time again to purpose Demoss and workshops for our personal development. Changing it up, shaking things around, seeing differently. Ah! what a dream to be free from old habits. Learning a new process triggers hidden treasures of the psychic mind. Will I ever become a collage artist, I ask myself?

Lol, probably not!
Is my world of color, shape and form transformed towards better exploration?  You bet it has.
We choose these events carefully. Let’s hope for better attendance in the future. Impressions are a valuable the source of desire to create the new in every heart and soul. Stay connected and tune in. 
Sending my best to each and everyone.

Your friendly neighborhood artist,
Roseline Bodiford

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