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Choreographer, Dancer & Visual Artist

Alexandra Farber Light

“I consider the breadth of my work to incorporate yet extend beyond my role as a ‘ballerina’ and I’m actively engaged in study and creation. When I’m not moving my body, I find inspiration and meditation through visual arts practices including mixed-media, assemblage, photography, painting, fabric art, and more. All of these outlets feed the abstract, narrative, and abstract narrative dance works I create.”

Abstract Painting

Stefanie Held

“From the beginning, my life has been immersed in the arts. As a child of a prolific and accomplished painter, my early years were spent accompanying my father to art school while my mother financially supported our family. As I grew up, I was surrounded by my father’s impassioned pursuit of the arts. Creativity runs through my veins and influences most aspects of my life.”

Fused & Stained Glass, Figurative & Abstract Sculpture

Nan Phillips

“My background as a sculptor and my love for working three dimensionally led me to create sculptural fused glass artwork using controlled kiln work. I enjoy being able to turn hard, flat sheets of glass into beautiful flowing forms and textures. My Judaic artwork is an extension and expression of the beauty of my deep-seated heritage.”

Acrylic Fluid Painting

Kim Kort

“Art has always been a part of my life in some form. Ever since early childhood, art has been a way to express fears, desires, misunderstandings, and share my view of our beautiful world. Every day is a new discovery of colors, shapes, and beauty. The world has always been a canvas for me, and I express my views through acrylic fluid art movement.”

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